Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels services offered in Durham and Charlotte, NC and Arlington, VA

Chemical peels improve skin tone and texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and help with acne breakouts. At Of Skin and Wellness, with locations in Durham and Charlotte, North Carolina, and Arlington, Virginia, Carmen Chatten, FNP-BC, considers chemical peels an essential treatment for promoting skin health, assisting in skin cell turnover, and restoring the skin’s natural glow. Call the office nearest you or book your chemical peel consultation online today. 

Chemical Peels Q&A

How do chemical peels work?

Chemical peels work through skin exfoliation. Your skin is constantly removing and replacing skin cells. Depending on your age, skin cell turnover occurs every 28-48 days, with the turnover rate declining as you age. 

Chemical peels work by supporting your skin cell turnover process, removing the dead cells from the surface revealing the healthier, younger cells underneath. The acidic solution also stimulates the skin’s natural healing process, boosting cellular regeneration.

Carmen considers chemical peels important for skin health, allowing the skin to shed dead cells and bring new, fresh skin to the surface, free of dirt, debris, and age-related damage.

Can chemical peels improve skin health without downtime?

Depending on the type of chemical peel recommended, you can get the aesthetic treatment without downtime. There are three types of chemical peels:


Light chemical peel

A light chemical peel uses a mild acidic solution that exfoliates the surface of your skin, bringing forth a youthful glow. You can return to your usual routine immediately after a light chemical peel.


Medium chemical peel

Medium chemical peels are popular anti-aging treatments. This peel uses a slightly stronger acidic solution that exfoliates into the middle layer of the skin (dermis). 


Deep chemical peel

Deep chemical peels are medical treatments that penetrate further into the dermis. You may experience redness and swelling following this chemical peel. 


What can I expect after chemical peels?

Your skin’s response to the chemical peel varies. You can expect skin peeling, but the degree of peeling depends on your skin type and the strength of the chemical peel. 

You may have sheeting, where large portions of skin peel off at once or flaking. It’s also possible to not have any visible peeling at all. 

Carmen gives you at-home care instructions and skin care advice to speed up your recovery. She also provides skin care recommendations to help maintain your look, which may include regular chemical peels and resurfacing treatments, as well as a personalized, at-home skin care routine with high-quality products.

Chemical peels can restore your skin’s healthy glow. Call Of Skin and Wellness or schedule a consultation online today.