Men's Health

Men's Health

Men's Health services offered in Durham and Charlotte, NC and Arlington, VA

At Of Skin and Wellness, with locations in Durham and Charlotte, North Carolina, and Arlington, Virginia, Carmen Chatten, FNP-BC, believes sexual health is as important as physical and mental health. She provides men’s health services focusing on sexual well-being, treating concerns like low testosterone and erectile dysfunction (ED). Call the nearest office or use the online booking feature to request an appointment today. Telemedicine visits are also available.

Men's Health Q&A

Why is men’s health important?

Men’s health is important because men are at greater risk of developing serious health issues like heart disease and lung cancer. Men also have a shorter life expectancy than women. 

Many of the health issues men face are influenced by unhealthy lifestyle habits like poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, and use of tobacco products. 

Of Skin and Wellness specializes in men’s health. Carmen takes a mental health approach to care, knowing that improving your emotional and psychological well-being helps you make the lifestyle changes that benefit your physical well-being.

What conditions affect men’s health?

Men are at risk of developing many health problems. Of Skin and Wellness is a full-service practice providing mental health care, primary care, and chronic disease management.

In addition to managing general health and chronic diseases, Carmen also provides personalized care for men’s sexual health, treating health issues like:

  • Low testosterone
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Performance anxiety
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like genital herpes and cold sores

Carmen also offers treatment for hair loss in men, which boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. 

What type of treatments benefit men’s health?

At Of Skin and Wellness, Carmen conducts a thorough evaluation before making any specific treatment recommendations. 

She asks detailed questions about your feelings, thoughts, daily routine, eating habits, and medical history. Carmen also reviews family history and may order genetic testing to better understand your health risks. 

The information she gathers from the genetic testing helps her create a personalized plan that works with your unique genetic profile. Treatments for men’s health may include:

  • DNA-based meal plan and exercise program
  • Health coaching
  • Weight loss
  • Disease-specific medications
  • Medical marijuana (for patients in Virginia only)
  • Hormone therapy

Carmen is a mental health specialist and takes a behavioral approach to managing health and disease. She may prescribe medications as needed, but treatment focuses on helping you create healthy habits that benefit your overall health.

Of Skin and Wellness offers telemedicine appointments to make it easier for you to get the medical attention you need privately and confidentially.

Your health and wellness starts with you, and Carmen can help provide the tools and support you need to achieve your goals. Call Of Skin and Wellness or book an appointment online today.